hayatesama asked: How long have you been animating? And how long do you think it would take for a beginner to start learning?

About 13 to 14 years I think?  Started animating at a very young age.  For a beginner to start learning I’d say it depends on the awareness of the right material in which to teach yourself with.  Animators Survival Kit is the must have book when it comes to learning about it.. Other than that there’s great resources if you search YouTube.  I don’t think I could do much until around year 2 of learning.

the-english-english asked: Hey Ross, there have been quite a few guest animations for the star bomb songs, I was just wondering if you were working on one too?

Been getting asked this a lot surprisingly, but no.  I’m not working on anything Starbomb related.

annimoose asked: Have you been working on any animations lately? :D

I wrote a new short cartoon about helicopters.  I’m waiting to get all the voices so I can start roughing it out.  Other than that I’ve been on and off writing the new Gameoverse, but I keep hitting walls on that.. First episode has to be really good in my eyes.

Watching the nasa launch with my cat.

Watching the nasa launch with my cat.

Monty blowing me

On our way to #PAX @commanderholly

On our way to #PAX @commanderholly


ESOh no.

thefreakinghatter asked: Hey Ross! What is your favorite spell from Harry Potter?

Magic missile

mighty3na asked: Hey Ross! How old will you and the rest of the grumps be by the end of 2014?

Me: 27

Barry: Twentysomething younger than me I forget

Suzy: Twentysomething younger than me I forget

Arin: 27

Dan: 89

My face: 17

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