george-fo-days asked: I wanted to ask, how recent in real time is the taping for Stout Train. Big fan!!

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engardew asked: Hiya Ross! I was wondering, it's great to be content with life and all, and look at all the achievements you succeeded in with the past, but it never hurts to make more goals, right? Can I ask if there's anything you're trying to work for at this point, whether minimal or large?

I’m writing the reboot of Gameoverse in my spare time.  The first episode draft is 3 quarters written and is at 13 pages.. Its my 5th attempt at writing the first episode and I think I’m finally happy.  I also have an additional 6 episodes planned on top of that.  I have no idea how I’m even going to conceivably produce something that large… But it’s a bridge I’ll cross when I get to it.  So many large scale series are popping up on YouTube now (such as Bravest Warriors, RWBY), it really makes me want to work on going that direction in the long term..

dimplepumps asked: Have you picked up the game Bravely Default yet? If so are you enjoying it? It's super good -w-

Yeah its great.  I hit a wall with a boss that could literally wipe the floor with my team.. Not looking forward to the grinding aspect.  Might save it for my PAX East flight.

biocontagious-rabbit asked: What was with that creepy face you made to the camera during cards against humanity?

I am a man of many faces.

I keep them in my basement.

spacecowboyslade asked: Are you keeping up with kill la kill?

So many shows to juggle, it would help if I had an extra pair of ARMS.

schmoontie asked: Do you have any advice on getting started on virtual drawing?

Don’t know what virtual drawing is, but I imagine you’ll need an oculus rift.

freezingfrodo asked: Seriously, what happened to your cards during that last Cards Against Humanity game?

Arin threw it in the discard pile.  Along with my hopes and dreams.

the-wandering-storyteller asked: What's the most difficult thing that you've ever had to animate?

Bang Bang was a challenge because I’m really bad at drawing guns.  But if I was to think of something that would literally have me stumped, it’d be animating a Horse.  I took some animal drawing classes briefly and I still can’t get my head around those animals.  

supergreenmario asked: Butts or Boobies


platonicwaffles asked: Is the next series of Steam Train truly that bad?

What I thought was going to be nostalgia ended up being a fever dream.  

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