A very passionate rant by Stephen Silver about “working for free”.  While I do agree with him in a lot of regards, it’s very hard for young artists to break into the animation industry.  If you try to charge for a reasonable amount, it’s likely your client will go elsewhere to look for other oblivious young talent.  I remember when I was starting out many years ago I would try and take anything that came my way, even if the rates were obscene. Growing up in the most isolated city in the world (Perth Australia), you would likely try and take anything that came your way due to a serious lack of an entertainment industry.  While I agree doing art for free should be something nobody should have to do, it is something that happens.  The biggest mainstream gig I ever had was my own segment on Australian television (Gamer Tonight).  That came about entirely because of a short animation I did as a favor to the show as it was starting out.  Even though I was quite young, I don’t regret doing that as I felt it was justified in the end.. But I can imagine there’s a lot of young talent that fall into that situation and get entirely screwed just as he mentioned.  If you’re going to work for free, just do it for yourself.  Create art that will get you recognized by the right people.  Post your content online and let it get passed around.  Eventually the work will start coming to you.